Professional & Cost Effective

  • We know what needs doing and how to do IT.
  • We are always finding the best way forward.
  • We do dynamic well.
  • We know what the word Value actually means.
  • Keeping IT simple, we hate acronyms.
  • We enjoy success too.

Software Development

We build engines that perform right for you. If you need a scooter, you get a blinding scooter not a nitro powered tractor. Yes, always plan for big growth but set up now for what you have going on, it is easy to grow your system when you need to. Let’s face it, who the hell knows round the next sharp bend. We will give a 360 scalable and dynamic platform that is efficient and most important "robust". The old girl will take the knocks and keep going.


Creative Design

Let’s work the brief between us and get our thoughts into the melting pot. Then let’s produce something special together. We know brand, we know product, we know market, and we especially know people. Anything front facing, we know our stuff.


Specialist IT solutions

Network & System Infrastructure

Let’s weigh up what you need and deliver it. Let’s not turn this into something spectacular. Simple and efficient is what you need and this it what we will give you. Too many guys telling you that you need to cover this and need this to stop that which means more $$$ for stuff you just don’t need. We do low cost cloud to tier one solutions, all with needs and cost in mind.

BPO Services

Whatever service you need, we can source and support. We are global with this, using professional providers who know your industry and operate from your target regions. We will keep the watch ticking like a Rolex, giving you time to come up with even more clever stuff.

Digital Marketing

This is where the big budgets pay-off or get flushed down the loo. This is your online business, you have to get this right. Marketing brings in the $$$ and should drive the business 360. Let us help as we know what will work. It's so easy to keep flogging a dead horse in this mine field, we won’t let you.

Online Payment Solutions

You’re online business is nothing unless you have the right payment solution in place. No money, no honey. This needs to be kept regional so never put all your eggs in one basket and read the small print. This world is full of sharks, don’t get bitten. We know every trick in the book so use our knowledge.

Sourcing & Procurement

Need product or service from overseas? We are global so you don’t have to be. Let us source what you want at the price you need it at. We specialise in SE Asia and our network of suppliers, manufacturers and producers is vast. We offer an end to end no headache service. What you order is what you get and we see to that.


Whether it's sea, air or land freight we have good, clean history with many agents all over the world. We know the importance of moving goods around safely and all at a reasonable price.